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Accurate Mortgage Lists

    Leverage our highly targeted mortgage prospect lists to pinpoint the best conforming, government or subprime homeowners for debt consolidation, refinance or cash-out loans.

Choose from a wide variety of mortgage prospects (see right), or partner with us to design a completely customized list by leveraging our highly experienced analytics team. Learn more about our custom modeling and analytic capabilities.

We offer both prescreen and Invitation-to-Apply (ITA) lists for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, offering you the flexibility to choose between both regulated and non-regulated mortgage data. All of our mortgage lists can be customized using hundreds of qualifying attributes, many of which were created using our sophisticated analytic capabilities, including:


Combined Loan-to-Value (CLTV) - Combines multiple mortgage balances and current Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) to provide one of the most accurate CLTV calculations.

Lendable Equity - Pinpoints homeowners who are in a position to leverage their equity by identifying the dollar amount of available equity.

Property Trend Indicator - Identifies households in areas where values are holding or appreciating in value, improving the integrity of our home value select.

Responder - Identifies the most responsive population of mortgage prospects by targeting consumers who have previously responded to direct marketing offers.

Risk Insight - Identifies consumers with a high propensity of qualifying for financing without having to use regulated credit information.


Mortgage Prospects

Leveraging one of the largest and most comprehensive mortgage databases on the market, we can help you identify the following targeted mortgage prospects:

• Tri-Bureau Prescreen Mortgage Lists

• Mortgage Triggers (Active Shoppers)

• First-Time Home Buyer Prospects

• FHA Prospects 

• FHA/VA Streamline Prospects  

• Reverse Mortgage Prospects\

• ARM Refinance Prospects

• HARP Refinance Prospects

(Fannie/Freddie Mortgage Holders)