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Today's marketers are under increasing pressure to drive growth and improve marketing ROI. As a result, the use of marketing intelligence is becoming more prevalent among mid- to large-sized organizations. Our customized modeling and analytic solutions provide actionable insights that can be leveraged to improve marketing performance.

By leveraging both prospect and customer information across multiple diverse data sets, we can help you design strategies that will meet a wide variety of key marketing objectives, including:

•Maximizing response rates - Our response models can help you identify and deliver the optimal message at the optimal time.
•Improving cost-efficiency - Our segmentation strategies can optimize your marketing universe by ranking customers and prospects by response and conversion probability as well as potential revenue and profitability.
•Facilitating sales and revenue growth - Using a look-alike analysis, we can develop a profile of your best customer, and then leverage this profile to identify incremental opportunities for acquisition.
•Improving retention - Our attrition models can help you identify the attributes that most influence customer defection, enabling you to create an action plan for mitigating loss.
•Increasing customer lifetime value - Using a collaboration analysis, we can help you pinpoint the most profitable cross-selling opportunities within your customer database.
Our modeling and analytic solutions are not limited to the strategies showcased above. All of these services can be customized to meet your specific needs.  As a standard practice, we employ a closed-loop process in conjunction with all of our custom solutions, ensuring the development of optimized models by facilitating continual refinement and validation.